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Agencies should maintain job descriptions for all positions, to include temporary grant and time-limited positions, for job documentation purposes as well as compliance with the American with Disabilities Act.

Temporary grant or time-limited project positions may not extend beyond the duration of the grant or time-limited project or any subsequent renewal of it. However, at the discretion of the state agency, grant-generated revenue may be used to fund continued employment between the expiration of one grant and the subsequent renewal of the same or similar grant. State agencies must terminate all temporary grant or time-limited project employees and their positions at any time funding is terminated or should funds provided in the grant or time-limited project become insufficient to continue payment of the employee.

Continuous satisfactory service in a temporary grant or time-limited project position may, at the discretion of the agency head or his designee, be counted toward the completion of the required probationary period for an FTE position.

State Human Resources Regulations define "state service time" as the total employment time defined in years, months, and days in which an employee has served in a FTE position, including, part-time service. Only when time in a temporary grant or time-limited project position is counted toward completion of a probationary period, can the time be credited as state service time.

Establishing Positions

To establish temporary grant or time-limited project positions, the agency must submit a Grants and Contracts Review (GCR) form to Department of Administration’s Executive Budget Office (EBO) that either creates a new grant or time-limited project or extends or renews a current grant or time-limited project. The agency must also send a UGG Australia Shearling RoundToe Ankle Boots discount Cheapest free shipping 2015 new cheap wholesale price for sale cheap price from china 1OlF6
. The Request for Temporary Grant or Time-limited Project Position Action Form includes:

The agency budget code and name;
The type of action requested: new grant, new time-limited project, extension or renewal of a grant or project, adding positions to a previously established grant or project; or deletion of a grant or project;
The control number for the grant or time-limited project;
The grant or project title;
The funding source;
The grant or project beginning and ending date; and
The positions to be established, including the class or unclassified state title code, number of positions, FLSA designation, hours per week, county code, and whether or not the position is in the agency's central office. (This part of the form is only necessary if establishing positions for a new grant or project, adding positions in conjunction with extending or renewing a grant or project, or adding positions to a previously established grant or project.
Compensation Classification <a href=””>Visit the website</a>

A: Visit the following link with a tutorial about the use of dependencies between fields in the form,

A: To create dependencies that depend of values of multiple fields, will be needed validate the dependencies rules, and display or hide the fields through an equation. Please, visit the following link:

A: The form settings include the attribute “Base amount” to define the minimum price allowed. So, if an user manipulates the calculated field for paying less, will be applied the number entered in the “Base amount” attribute.

A: Through the attribute: “Paypal product name” in the form’s settings, is defined the name of the product to be submitted to PayPal. It is possible to use a fixed text, or the value of a field in the form (for example, suppose that you have a DropDown field, or radio buttons field, to select the product’s name), each field has associated a name with the format: fieldname#. For example to use the value of the fieldname1 field, as the product’s name, should be entered the text <%fiedname1%> in the “Paypal product name” attribute.

A: Please, read the instructions in the our technical blog.

A: Please, read the answer in the our technical blog:

A: Please, read the answer in the plugin’s documentation:

A: Please, visit the following article in our technical blog:

A: In this case the recommendation is to use “RecordSet DS” fields as datasource:

A: If you have created the form correctly, and associated it to the product, even if you have configured the product to calculate the price with the form, you will need to assign a price to the product, through the attribute: “Regular Price”, or WooCommerce won’t display the “Add to Cart” button.

A: To get a complete guide about the integration of forms created with the plugin and the SalesForce service, please visit the following link:

A: Please, visits the following link to get a tutorial to integrate the form with the Dropbox service:

A: Please, visits the following link to get a tutorial:

A: Please, visits the following link to get the answer to your question:

A: Please, visit the following entry in the FAQ page of the plugin with the instructions to protect the form:

A: Please, visit the following entry in our technical blog:

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