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Maryland (443) 608-5515 / Pennsylvania (717) 698-1428Criminal Traffic (410) 567-0744

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In any criminal or traffic case a defendant has certain basic post-trial rights according to Maryland Law. All of motions for post-trial relief (requesting a change in the outcome of your case) have time limit deadlines and must be done in writing. The following is a brief summary of these rights:

MOTION FOR NEW TRIAL – Pursuant to the Maryland Rules of Procedure you have ten (10) days to file a Motion for a New Trial from the time that you plead guilty or are found guilty by the Court. This date starts the day of the guilty finding and expires at the end of the tenth (10 th ) day. If you do not file a Motion with the Court in writing pursuant to the Rules you will be forever barred from requesting same. A new trial request may include any legal or factual issues relevant to requesting a new trial.


APPEAL – You have the absolute right to appeal your case to the next appellate level within thirty (30) days of the date of your sentencing. Failure to do so in writing will forever bar you from filing same. If you appeal a Maryland District Court criminal case, you get a Trial De Novo (new trial) in Circuit Court. If you tried the case in Circuit Court either by judge or jury then you can appeal the case based on a factual basis, legal issues or a combination of both that you believe may of violated any law, your constitutional rights and/or procedural matters. If you were granted Probation Before Judgment, you have waived your right to appeal as there is no conviction to appeal.


MOTION FOR MODIFICATION – You have the absolute right to file a petition for a modification of your sentence within ninety (90) days from the date of the sentence. Failure to do so will preclude you from filing or having your sentence modified at a later time. You may also request that any probationary issues be modified thereto. In some cases you are able to modify “probationary issues” after the ninety (90) day time period. However, you should not assume that and ultimately, it is at the discretion of the Court.


3 JUDGE PANEL – In some circumstances you have the right to request a 3 Judge Panel in the Circuit Court only. The Judges may reduce, keep the sentence and conditions the same or modify your sentence. This must be filed within thirty (30) days in writing to the Court.


OTHER POST TRIAL RIGHTS – Depending upon your case you may have other post-trial rights pursuant to Maryland law. This list is not a total complete list but only to advise that these and others exist. As stated above you should not hesitate because an untimely motion may disqualify you. TBHE criminal attorneys are experienced in handling post-trial criminal and traffic matters.

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Weather API

The observations data set provides access to current and archived weather observations from a variety of reporting stations. The primary source for observation data comes from METARs located at airports or permanent weather stations. METAR reports are generated once an hour, but if conditions change significantly, then additional special reports may be issued. Other sources, such as personal weather stations (PWS), may update more frequently but are not official stations used by NOAA.

Data Coverage Global


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The following actions are supported with the observations endpoint:

The following parameters are optional unless otherwise noted:

The following filters can be passed to the filter parameter to reduce the results that are returned:

Use the following supported property keys when creating custom queries for your requests:

You can use the following fields to sort the data returned in your response:

The /[:endpoint]/[:action]? portion within the query template below can be exchanged with any of the examples. Also, please note you will need to input your client credentials in the [ID] and [SECRET] fields which can be found under the Apps section of the members area. /[:endpoint]/[:action]? client_id=[ID]client_secret=[SECRET]

Returns data for zip code 55403. /observations/55403?

Returns the observation for ICAO KMSP. /observations/KMSP?

Returns data for the closest observation to the location, specified. If no limit is specified, it defaults to a limit of 1. If limit = 1, returns a single observation object, otherwise return an array of observation objects. /observations/closest?p=45.25,-95.25

Returns up to 5 observations within 50 miles of zip code 55403 (Minneapolis) . Results will be sorted by distance (ascending) from zip code 55403 /observations/closest?p=55403limit=5radius=50mi

Returns the closest observation to zip code 55403 (Minneapolis) with a wind speed of 21.7 knots (25 mph) or higher. /observations/closest?p=55403query=wind:21.7

Returns an observation within the rectangle specified by the coords specified in the loc. The points should be top latitude, left longitude, bottom latitude, right longitude. For more than one observation use the limit parameter. /observations/within?p=45.25,-95.25,35.25,-85.25

Available in: Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.

One of the most popular kindsof engineering degree. Environmental Engineering involves the study of science and engineering to improve our environment. This includes the air we breathe, food we consume, and water. Environmental Engineers also study the environmental impact humans have on the planet, including pollution as a result of development and manufacturing processes. Environmental Engineering is considered a subset of Civil Engineering.

Available in: Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.
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A Materials Science engineering degree is a study of materials and why they behave a specific way or react to things in a certain way. This includes plastics, ceramics and polymers. Everything around us is made up of materials, as we evolve there is an increasing demand for materials which are stronger, more environmentally friendly and lighter. Employment opportunities include research positions along with industry placements. Materials Science Engineering is a very hands on, practical degree and graduates are in high demand.

Available in: Certificate, Master’s and Doctorate.
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An Agricultural engineering degree involves learning how to apply engineering to the agricultural industry to assist with area of farming including: soil conservation and salinity, ground preparation, irrigation, farm machinery design and production and helping develop more effective harvest techniques. Employment generally involves working in a consulting capacity or employed in a related industry such as machinery design and production.

Available in: Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.
Agricultural Eng. Degree Detail
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Paper Engineering is a specialization of chemical engineering and involves understanding the processes involved (chemical and mechanical) of paper production. This type of degree involves both research based work and practical assessment which is typically lab work. Students learn the principles behind molecular science, wood pulping and fluid mechanics to name just a few.

Available in: Certificate, Master’s and Doctorate.

Sustainable engineering takes into account the three major areas of sustainability: environmental impact, social and economic considerations. This includes not only the initial construction process but the complete life cycle of the product being developed. Graduates may complete further post graduate study or work in industries such as: Industrial waste water management, emission control and hazardous waste management.

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